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Creating Content to Change the World

“We will heal our culture when we heal our trauma, one individual at a time.”

-Sara Beth Wald

Founder, Redefining Love

What is Content Empowered?

Content Empowered is a the umbrella company representing all of Sara Beth Wald’s creative endeavors, including books, blogs, courses, art, and podcast. All of Sara’s projects are focused on generating empowering and healing conversations, with the goal of peaceful conflict resolution during divisive times.

Content Empowered online and in-person courses and workshops apply the principles of boundaries, accountability, and grace to a wide variety of cultural and interpersonal areas including  family relationships, marriage, parenting, workplace dynamics, and the news media. 

Content Empowered co-founder Sara Beth Wald has had a passion for writing and books since she was a child. After spending a lifetime writing professionally for others, and keeping her own writing mostly private, Sara has finally published her first of several books she’s written over the years. Her first published book, Redefining Love, is available now in paperback and ebook. 

Friends Raquel and Sara started the podcast Two Moms In Montana  after wrapping up one of their marathon chats wishing they’d recorded the conversation for posterity. They discuss a wide range of topics related to life, parenting, and culture in a small western American city. 

Speaking is a surreal gig for lifelong introvert and writer Sara Beth Wald. And yet, somehow she keeps ending up behind a microphone in front of a crowd. She talks on topics related to trauma and boundaries, accountability, and grace. 

Sara Beth Wald’s passion project began in 2018 while she was processing her own experiences with trauma. The framework she created became Redefining Love, a new definition of love that honors the struggle of deep caring, and empowers us to prioritize our own mental health in the midst of conflict within our loving relationships. Redefining Love teaches us how to set boundaries and hold ourselves and others accountable with love and grace.

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