The Content Empowered Story

How it began...

Content Empowered was started as a joint venture between entrepreneurs Sara Beth Wald and Yoshie Barnett. Sara and Yoshie have been friends for… they’ve lost track of how long! They started out as office coworkers, but remained good friends long after life took them both in different directions.

Sara and Yoshie have supported each other through some crazy life transitions, including divorce, single parenthood, remarriage, blended families, starting their own online businesses, and the scary first steps into chasing their dreams.

Over tea at Yoshie’s kitchen counter, everything came together as Content Empowered. Initially, they worked together to write content and create websites and marketing materials for female entrepreneurs. Their shared interest in helping others brought them together as partners dedicated to bringing their love of people into every next step. 

Both have since started new adventures professionally, but through it all they’ve remained close friends and each other’s biggest fans. The level head of the duo, Yoshie still has to sometimes talk Sara through a tech crisis… 

About Sara Beth Wald

Sara Beth Wald

Sara Beth Wald started her career as a social worker, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that what she really wanted to do was write, always and forever. Sara earned a master’s in journalism before going on to work as an editor or writer in academia, the media, and the corporate sector. She’s also done her fair share of freelance journalism, and published a weekly column in two rural newspapers for eight and a half years. The column eventually became a blog that can still be found online, along with an archive of her print columns, at The Sara Beth Times

In 2018, inspired by her own recovery from trauma, Sara launched a blog called Redefining Love, which teaches people how to set boundaries and hold themselves and others accountable with love and grace. What started out as a small passion project slowly began to grow into something more. In 2022, Sara stepped away from client content work to focus exclusively on coaching the Redefining Love Framework. 

When she’s not typing feverishly, public speaking, or teaching a workshop, Sara is loving life as a mom of two active boys and laughing with her sexy wildland firefighter husband. She doesn’t really have spare time, but when she pretends to, she loves reading, painting, and hiking (although most of her “hikes” are just around the neighborhood).

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