An interview with Chelsey Fjeldheim, LCSW

Owner of Courage Speaks Counseling

What services did Content Empowered provide for you?

Sara and Yoshie have done so much for my business that I’m not quite sure where to begin! They built my website, created a brochure, wrote a case study for me, and rewrote my CV. Now that my site is up and running, they update and maintain it, manage my email service, and do my social media posts.

What is it like working with Content Empowered?

It is really easy to talk to Sara and Yoshie. When they were building my site they listened and really understood what I was looking for and created exactly what I wanted. When there was something I wanted changed they were really kind and open.

Did you feel like Content Empowered captured your own unique voice and vision?

I think Sara and Yoshie did an amazing job of capturing who I am, my personality, and my style.

What is your favorite part of working with Content Empowered?

I was really busy while Sara and Yoshie were building my site, so I loved how uninvolved I had to be in the process. We only had to meet for a couple of short visits for them to get a really great idea of who I am and what I wanted. And then I just let them do it and it turned out amazing with almost no effort on my part!

Were you satisfied with the final product?

I am more than satisfied. It turned out better than I ever expected. I now have everything in one place so people can find me easier and know what I offer, and know exactly what they will get from working with me. I can’t thank Sara and Yoshie enough for how they’ve helped my business.

Did you continue to work with Content Empowered after your website went live?

Yes! I ask them to do something for me and then I can completely let it go off of my list because I know they will get it done efficiently. They have made owning my own business easier. I just don’t have to worry about my website, email service, or even posting to social media. They do it all! [Working with Content Empowered] is one of the best decisions I’ve made in reducing my stress as a business owner.

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