“Sara and Yoshie have done so much for my business that I’m not quite sure where to begin!… [They] did an amazing job of capturing who I am, my personality, and my style. We only had to meet for a couple of short visits for them to get a really great idea of who I am and what I wanted. And then I just let them do it and it turned out amazing with almost no effort at all on my part! I am more than satisfied. It turned out better than I ever expected.”

Content Empowered interviewed Chelsey Fjeldheim, LCSW about her experience working with Sara and Yoshie to create the website and marketing materials for her therapy practice, Courage Speaks Counseling.
“I loved working with Sara and Yoshie. They were great at listening to my rough ideas and turning that into a beautiful website that has exceeded my expectations. The color scheme perfectly matches my brand and compliments my photography editing style. Sara was able to capture in words the feel I wanted for my site, and Yoshie was so patient and helpful with teaching me how to take care of my website behind the scenes. They are a great team and I would recommend Content Empowered to any entrepreneur wanting excellent customer service and a beautiful website that is personalized to fit their wants and needs.  ~Nikkole Groshans, Nikkole Groshans Photography
“Sara has a way with words. She was able to take my very intimidating science lingo and translate it in a way that people can understand and relate to. She also added unique buzzwords which are super eye catching and make a big difference. Sara took my website from ‘just okay’ to very professional.” ~Dr. Ammie Chapman, D.C., AM Chiro Performance

“Sara is a delight and highly professional! She is extremely intelligent in an unassuming way. I worked with Sara in a corporate setting several years ago. In that environment, I found her to be exceptionally easy to work with. Because I knew that she was a remarkable writer, I reconnected with her recently to help me with content on my website. Although she had zero background on the consulting services I provide, she did not hesitate to dive in and learn! She listened. She helped me structure the message on my site to suit my needs, even though my needs were somewhat contrary to industry standards. Sara is reliable. She did exactly what I wanted her to do. She helped me help myself and she can help you, too!”

~Melissa, Human Design Guide, Empower Your Design

“Sara! You are THE BEST! Seriously, are you in my head and like picking up all the splatter of thoughts and saying, ‘Here, this goes here, this goes here, and this goes there…’? YES!!! I am so excited about this mission statement!!”

~Renee, Entrepreneur Philanthropist Extraordinaire

“Yoshie has been an integral part of our team for the past 21 months, and her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none. Working on a challenging and oftentimes colourful project, Yoshie has taken it in stride and delivered consistently excellent results. Yoshie has taken the time to understand our product in great detail through her own initiatives, which has enabled a high level of communication with our clients… I can’t recommend Yoshie’s services enough and look forward to many more years to come working together. Thank you, Yoshie!”


“Yoshie Barnett was fabulous to work with on our website rebuild. She took the time to explain the more technical pieces of the process and always left me knowing exactly where we were at in the process. From design, to transferring domain hosting, and even finding our non-profit a no-fee option, Yoshie was professional and proficient in her work, and I highly recommend [her] for your web design needs.”


“Yoshie is amazing to work with. From start to finish she has been hard working, diligent, extremely organized, and on top of her game. Her language skills and communication were vital to the success of of an international project our company is running. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her, and we are excited to continue to work with her as we grow. Hard workers like her are a major asset to any growing business.”


“Sara is amazing at what she does. She did an excellent job writing a biography for me to add to a web page and presentation I was doing! Her level of professionalism and timely manner was amazing! Thank you so much!”

~Amber Newman, Health Coach, United for Health

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