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Hi! We are so happy you’re here. We are Sara Beth Wald and Yoshie Barnett. Yoshie and I have been friends for… I don’t even know how long! We started out as coworkers in an office setting, but remained good friends long after life took us both in different directions. Yoshie and I have supported each other through some crazy life transitions, including divorce, single parenthood, remarriage, blended families, and, most recently, starting our own online businesses.

Yoshie and I share an interest in helping others, and know a thing or two about letting our desire to help interfere with our profits. We know what it feels like to have a passion and a vision, but absolutely no idea how to bring those two things together in a meaningful, profitable way. The good news is, we’ve learned through lots of trial and error that you can, in fact, do both!

We’ve discovered that if you can learn how to make an income doing what you love, you’ll end up helping more people than you ever could have otherwise.

Because, let’s face it, money matters. We all need to, you know, eat and stuff. And pay the bills. And buy endless pairs of soccer cleats (or basketball shoes, or whatever… Why do kids need so many stinkin’ shoes??).

Not a mom? Well, there’s still bills to pay, and dreams to chase. Am I right?

Long story short, Yoshie and I were chugging along in our respective business ventures, when one day it just occurred to us, why weren’t we working together? By this time, we both knew we wanted to dedicate our work to helping women succeed in business. And we’d collected quite a bit more knowledge than we’d had starting out. Thus, over tea in Yoshie’s kitchen, Content Empowered was born.

Content Empowered

Sara Beth Wald
Sara Beth Wald is my professional name, but you can just call me Sara. I’ve always had a heart for helping others, so I started out my career as a social worker. It didn’t take me long to realize that what I really wanted to do was write, always and forever. I went back to school to earn my master’s degree in journalism. Since then, I’ve worked as an editor or writer in academia, the media, and the corporate sector. I’ve also done my fair share of freelance journalism, and published a weekly column in two rural newspapers for eight and a half years. In 2018, inspired by my own complicated experiences in the ups and downs of interpersonal relationships, and hungry for a creative outlet, I launched a blog called Redefining Love, which teaches people how to set boundaries and hold themselves and others accountable with love. And in 2019, I took my newspaper column The Sara Beth Times online, as well as started my freelance Content Writing business. When I’m not typing feverishly, I’m loving my life as a mom of two active boys and laughing with my sexy wildland firefighter husband. I don’t really have spare time, but when I pretend to, I love reading, painting, and hiking (although most of my “hikes” are just around the neighborhood).

Tech Empowered

Yoshie Barnett

“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.”
~Buddhist Proverb

Like the beautiful lotus flower that inspired her business, Yoshie Barnett has learned to grow and thrive through challenging experiences. When her son was only a toddler, Yoshie suddenly found herself a single mom. She left behind several successful small businesses she’d helped build and began working in an IT department in the corporate sector (this is where we met!). She also followed her passion to learn the art of reiki, and worked with an intuitive coach who changed her life.

As the owner of Tech Empowered and Lotus Flower Journeys, Yoshie helps small business owners and entrepreneurs realize their dreams through a unique combination of intuitive guidance and practical behind-the-scenes business management responsibilities such as website construction and maintenance, technology, accounting, operations management, and bilingual support (English/Japanese). Currently, Yoshie is studying to become a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), so that she can serve her clients at an even higher level.

Of all the many roles she plays, Yoshie’s most important job is being a mom to her amazing son. She and her dear husband also love traveling and gourmet cooking.

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