Content Empowered

A Content Writer with a passion for female empowerment

Sara Beth Wald Content Empowered

I adore working with other creative, hard-working women to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. I am passionate about helping women create businesses and build wealth, and absolutely love guiding my clients to tap into their vulnerability to connect with their customers or clients at an authentic level.

As a former social worker with a master’s degree in journalism, I am particularly interested in giving hope and second chances to women who have experienced trauma such as divorce, domestic violence, poverty, and other profound setbacks, as well as those who have dedicated their careers to helping empower women.

 What is Content Empowered?


We are a content creation and design firm dedicated to empowering women through business development. We walk you through step-by-step, from your first idea to the final product, to ensure that you have an online presence that reflects your vision for your business. Whether you are in need of an overhaul of your existing website or are taking the leap into entrepreneurship for the first time, we can provide the content and tech know-how you need to bring your vision to life.